PPF Warranty

Warranty for ‘paint protection film’ (PPF) at Carz shield

Carz shield offers warranty of 2 years from the date of purchasing of the Paint Protection Film (PPF) and which has been installed at our workshop facility by our trained professionals; also the adhesive should not have been removed by the purchaser after the purchase! The warranty is available against any instance of the film getting yellowish, peeling off or development of cracks for the period of 5 years. Carz shield will replace the paint protection film complete at its workshop in such instances.

Further, if it is established that the PPF on the car body is defective as manifested through signs of specificity, in that case too, Carz shield offers to replace the film at its workshop. The replacement being the only option in such cases is done by Carz shield free of cost and in a period of 60 days.

Carz shield offers to do replacement with a comparable product in case the applied product is discontinued by the manufacturer and not available in market. In such case, the customer can also seek refund of the product (the PPF).

Personal Information

Carz shield’s warranty offers are limited by terms of use and precautions that are delivered as a ‘User’s Manual’ and also available in ‘After Care’ guidelines at our website. As per these guidelines, Carz shield’s warranty is not applicable in cases –

  • Damage to PPF due to collision, accident, impact, intentional harm
  • Use of harsh chemicals, cleaners other than those certified and allowed by Carz shield
  • If the product is sold by the original purchaser to any other person (as the warranty is non transferable)!
  • Wear and tear due to rigorous use & harsh conditions
  • Mishandling, negligence, fire and theft cases
  • Vandalism, riots, explosions
  • Damage due to natural disasters
  • Where the vehicle has been subjected to alterations and modifications
  • Failure to comply with the user guidelines and preventive maintenance instructions
Please note that –

In cases, where the full payment is pending at the desk of Carz shield, the warranty may not be fulfilled through us.

Carz shield does not offer warranty against any damage to paint, in cases of removal and replacement of the old PPF at its workshop.

Financial impact in earning, fuel charges, etc are not covered under the warranty for the PPF as worked by Carz shield.

The warranty is limited to one claim only and is not an instrument of insurance.