terms and conditions

Carz shield offers PPF (paint protection film) applications for cars. We are expert in clear bra tasks and ensure that your car shines like new. Well trained and skilled men are employed by Carz shield to perform the task and they follow standard work protocol to make things right every time and thus keep you happy and satisfied.

Our services towards esteem clients are governed by some terms and conditions which are as follows –

  • Any dent or major scratch in the car body may not be removed through the application of PPF. The film does not hide the existing scratches or dents. It only prevents the scratches to appear on your car.
  • We use PPF from reputed manufacturers to ensure that high finesse and quality is developed. Subsequent compensation would be in line with the warranty offered (see the PPF Warranty page).
  • The PPF applications are intended to prevent minor scratches from occurring but it is not helpful in averting the major damages like in accident.
  • PPF prevents body damage against milder acids and solvents but not against strong acids and solutions of industrial use. Hence precaution is required.
  • Major scratches due to any reason may not get healed over time as compared to minor ones which are removed through mild heat of engine and sun.
  • For old cars with paint peeling off, Carz shield does not guarantee against any damage to the car paint during application of PPF.
  • All disputes are subjected to the jurisdiction of Delhi.