Customer Reviews


I went to Carz shield for a complete PPF maneuver and they did remarkable job! My ride which is a Jaguar is one year old. The Paint protection film they put on it made it sparkle like new. I am exited with their excellent performance and would definitely recommend Carz shield to my peers. And what more, they completed the entire task in just one day. Good job Team Carz shield !!!

  • Nikhil Arora

Hey there! My name is Naveen Agarwal and recently got the paint protection film applied on my car at Carz shield. I wanted to ensure that the lustrous black does not suffers any damage! They did remarkable job. In fact, one thing I liked is the trained men that they employ in their workshop. There team are very authentic in their task and leave no inch untouched. The job got done in one day and now I can enjoy the beauty without any scratches!

  • Naveen Agarwal

I was just looking for the right place to get my Mercedes protected with Paint protection film. One of my friend told me about Carz shield. I gave them a try and I must say that they did a awesome job! I was surprised to see the results. The ride was shining again like new. Carz shield Paint Protection film is so effective and transforms the entire look and feel. I think everyone should get PPF done at Carz Shield.

  • Amit Goel