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Paint protection film or PPF is a thermoplastic clear urethane film that is now used on cars as a preventive measure against any kind of scratches, paint chipping and abrasions of minor type. Originally, it was developed for the military in US to coat the blades of helicopter rotors so as to prevent the abrasion and damage due to flying debris. Gradually it started to be used as a protective film for the cars. PPF is a clear transparent film that attaches itself on the surface and also delivers shine and gloss which makes it apt for aesthetic enhancement of cars.

  • Protection from scratches - the PPF offers protection against minor scratches and general wear and tear like that occurs in day to day use.
  • Self healing - paint protection film is a smart polymer and gets self healed in an hour or two under exposure of mild heat like through car engine or the sunlight or warm water.
  • Fade resistant - PPF is resistant to fading over time. The film protects the original color for longer time and keeps the car new and shiny.
  • Stain resistant - this is the specialty of PPF and it resists the action of diversity of milder chemicals that could be present in environment like the bugs and bird acids, acid rain, and colors from various sources.
  • Highly durable - it is a clear smart urethane film that is very durable and never chips or flakes over time.
  • No Discoloration - the film itself does not turn yellow like the plastic coats of yester age.
  • Maintenance free - no need for maintenance! Just the simple cleaning and polishing would ensure high luster and shine.
  • Easy Replacement - the paint protection film can be easily replaced or removed in a day at the workshop that specializes in PPF tasks. There is no damage to the base paint coat during the removal/replacement.
  • Hoods and Bumpers
  • Boot & Roof
  • Door Handles
  • Rocker panels
  • Wing mirrors

This clear film is made from special acrylics, polyurethane and urethane which are advanced polymers that offer high quality transparency and luster.

Yes, because the installation itself is a specialized technique that demands specific skills. Getting the PPF installed by an uncertified service provider may result in reduced results as also defects.

Yes, PPF applications are available for the entire car body. We custom design the patterns for each part and offer to cover every inch of the body.

Being a polymer, the molecules in the upper layers re-align under exposure of mild heat to cover up the scratches.

The healing is dependent on the ambient temperature. Minor scratches generally heal in an hour or two at room temperature. In hotter climates or through the use of warm water, this period gets shortened.

Minor scratches occurring through day to day wear and tear like the swirl marks are self-healed over time. Scratches involving the penetration of the film deep are not healed.

There is no limit to the number of times, a PPF could heal self. The polymer molecules adjust them under the heat impact.

Yes, the paint protection film is removable!

The removal process needs to be done at the certified service provider only as it requires specialized skills and instruments.

Damage may occur during the removal of the PPF if prior to installation, proper paint correction and sealant was not applied.

The maintenance of the PPF is very easy. We offer complete care guide to our customers together with the precautions and recommended products to be applied on the film for best results. Do not use pigmented or abrasive waxes or waxes contain Naphtha or Kerosene.

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We offer a warranty for a period of two years on all the paint protection films that are applied on the body by certified installers of Carz shield.

The components that are covered in warranty include the condition of film getting yellowish, peeling off, lifting and cracking during the warranty period.

The warranty is void in case of damage due to collision, fire, natural disaster, use of strong solvents (acids & industry chemicals), case of vehicle modification and the film being tampered with any manner.

To find complete information on the PPF warranty, visit our webpage on ‘warranty’ or you can call us at +91 11 45129999.