I went to Carz shield for a complete PPF maneuver and they did remarkable job! My ride which is a Jaguar is one year old. The Paint protection film they put on it made it sparkle like new. I am exited with their excellent performance and would definitely recommend Carz shield to my peers. And what more, they completed the entire task in just one day. Good job Team Carz shield !!!

  • Nikhil Arora

Hey there! My name is Naveen Agarwal and recently got the paint protection film applied on my car at Carz shield. I wanted to ensure that the lustrous black does not suffers any damage! They did remarkable job. In fact, one thing I liked is the trained men that they employ in their workshop. There team are very authentic in their task and leave no inch untouched. The job got done in one day and now I can enjoy the beauty without any scratches!

  • Naveen Agarwal


with carz shield Detailing

The term detailing is to meticulously clean, polish and protect all parts of a vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out, using specialist tools and products that would not normally be used by your typical car cleaner.

The main area and aim of car detailing is to fully enhance and restore the vehicles paintwork by eliminating light scratches and swirl marks that have been inflicted over time and that reflect the light in such a way that they give an unsightly cob webbing effect on the surface of the paint or clear coat.

At Carz shield we not only repair this damage but exceed this, creating a factory made finish.

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with carz shield paint protection

Paint protection film or PPF is a thermoplastic clear urethane film that is now used on cars as a preventive measure against any kind of scratches, paint chipping and abrasions of minor type. Originally, it was developed for the military in US to coat the blades of helicopter rotors so as to prevent the abrasion and damage due to flying debris. Gradually it started to be used as a protective film for the cars. PPF is a clear transparent film that attaches itself on the surface and also delivers shine and gloss which makes it apt for aesthetic enhancement of cars.

Carz shield has developed its high quality paint protection film together with the specialty techniques that are followed as protocols while covering the car. Our PPF is optically clear and invisible, very strong, highly durable, urethane film that settles evenly on the car body. This film protects your car from abrasions and scratches, which get automatically healed when exposed to mild heat. The PPF also prevents chipping and peeling of the car paint for long.

Protection from scratches - the PPF offers protection against minor scratches and general wear and tear like that occurs in day to day use.

It is self healing - paint protection film is a smart polymer and gets self healed in an hour or two under exposure of mild heat like through car engine or the sunlight or warm water.

Fading resistance - PPF is resistant to fading over time. The film protects the original color for longer time and keeps the car new and shiny.

Stain resistance - this is the specialty of PPF and it resists the action of diversity of milder chemicals that could be present in environment like the bugs and bird acids, acid rain, and colors from various sources.

Being highly durable - it is a clear smart urethane film that is very durable and never chips or flakes over time.

No yellowing over time - the film itself does not turn yellow like the plastic coats of yester age.

Fully maintenance free - – no need for maintenance! Just the simple cleaning and polishing would ensure high luster and shine.

Easy Replacement - the paint protection film can be easily replaced or removed in a day at the workshop that specializes in PPF tasks. There is no damage to the base paint coat during the removal/replacement.

The traditional application areas of paint protection films have been the front panels of the bonnet and the wheel arches. However, as these films got more refined through tech up gradations, the application of it also increased and now it is used on the entire body of the car. The high quality shine and luster that it delivers, make the passionate owners to crave for full covering of the car. Our highly competent technicians are specialist in delivering custom coats to cover any part of the car including the headlamps.

The prime places to apply the paint protection film on a car can be –
  • Hoods and Bumpers
  • Boot & Roof
  • Door Handles
  • Rocker panels
  • Wing mirrors

These are the places where the car suffers maximum damage due to flying gravel and small stones that get bumped into. Door handles suffer through the scratches produced by the finger nails, keys and rings. The PPF application at these places makes the parts resistant to scratches and hence the car remains shiny forever.

We offer a warranty for a period of two years on all the paint protection films that are applied on the body by the certified installers of Carz shield. This is the longest warranty of PPF in India and covers all the major dimensions. The components that are covered in warranty include the condition of film getting yellowish, peeling off, lifting and cracking during the warranty period. However the warranty is void in case of damage due to collision, fire, natural disaster, use of strong solvents (acids & industrial chemicals), case of vehicle modification and the film being tampered with any manner. We also offer complete ‘after care’ instructions to all our customers that allows them to keep their car shining forever. To find complete information on the PPF warranty, visit our web page on ‘warranty’ or call Carz shield anytime.

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